Product Roadmap as of 1 July 2022

Product Roadmap review 1 July 2022


Hey there grant over at HubSpot super admin. First of all, I want to say, thanks Caleb, for sharing this resource,, and I suppose doing a great job here of highlighting kind of what's going on basically, right? Just knowing and surfacing for us, what it is that they have going on.

And so up at the top, there's some, this is the webpage. What I want to show you, you can read through all of this. I don't care. That's fine. What I want to show you is, uh, down to the bottom here, there are. Well, when you go to it, When you go to it explicitly, then there's all of these. So I'll push this up. There's all of these. And so what's coming up next is, uh, is behind each of these. And they've done a nice job of adding these slides. And then the slides run you through and are six slides for each of these sections. And then on each slide, there's a specific, uh, thing that they're saying.

So each, each slide one is the overall slide. Two is like the statement. Slide three is the same about the product development philosophy. Slide four is like the salesy way to say the product updates or the expectation or what's coming and how they basically think about what's on slide five. So slide four. For all of you, sales people, all of you marketers, the way you want to sell or talk about these updates. And what's coming is on slide four for all of the hubs and the developer slide five is a specific outline in detail of what's currently in development and what's being planned for all of them. And then slide six is like this recap of what's happened. So I want to walk through those.

Sales Hub

What's currently in development. There we go. Currently development is a deeper CRM, customization sales, acceleration improvements, conversation, Intel improvements, crafted data management and Microsoft exchange support what's on the roadmap that's being planned is more sales enablement, deal management, permissions improvements, and payments, objects, payments objects.

Marketing Hub

Currently in development is email approval flows, WhatsApp and SMS support calls to actions, CTHS campaign templates recommended products in email recommended products in email tracking, unreliable opens and in the product roadmap that's being planned in the marketing hub, our social CRM insights, payment powered forms, hall reporting library, custom attribution automation, command center, automation command center. That sounds super fun.


Currently in development content decoupling enhanced conversion tools, enhanced conversion tools, free CMS tools, powerful video tools, enhanced content insights what's being planned is content approval flows, enhanced behavioral reporting, digital asset management, new JavaScript, rendering, and content library portal content library portal. Okay.

Service Hub

Currently in development, improved help desk conversations, API improved service analytics, WhatsApp integration for the service hub being planned is customizable portal, enhanced custom surveys, enhanced SLS and unified routing.

Operations Hub

Roadmap, what's on the operations hub product roadmap operations hub currently in development, more integrations, sync, more objects, more robust data prep, AI powered data, quality sync health advanced triggers on the product roadmap for the operations hub being planned deeper data sync, robust workflow control automation platform multi-region data sharing operationalizing data sets. Okay. Yes, please improve data portability and developer platform.

Developer Platform

Currently in development is UI extensions, unified tools and developer experience graph QL date-based, versioning, API, consistency, and coverage. More ways to get started. Okay. Conversations, API and on the developer platform, product roadmap that is being planned, our frameworks and new objects.

All right. That's where it is. So head on over to We just reviewed all of the product roadmaps for sales hub for marketing hub for CMS hub service hub operations hub, and the developer platform. Thanks HubSpot.

Product Roadmap as of 1 July 2022