Earn badges as you participate

As a Sprocketeer you will interact inside the Discord community server and with others around the world. As you show up to share your HubSpot Super Powers you will be recognized with badges inside the community.

  • Being on stage at an event; virtual or IRL, to share your story or experience
  • Continuously asking questions to bring conversations to the community
  • Co-host live AMA Office hours to help make recommendations for the community


How many do you have?

With 36 certifications and hundreds of lessons; FREE training and FREE testing creates huge opportunities for business professionals to get really good at HubSpot, the #1 CRM. We recommend you move through the HubSpot basics quickly to spend time tackling certifications requiring submissions. Also, the lessons on RevOps: the integration and application of cross-functional skills (sales, marketing, ops, service). 

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